Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hey guys!! Well it's Sunday and the last day at NJPAC. Though its been a great run I'm ready to experience the next city. That's the good thing about a tour. You're never in a place long enough to get tired of it. One week and you leave on a high!!! I hope the audiences at the last two shows are great. Your enthusiasm fuels our show. Just want to say thanx to all you Jerseyites (and metro area peeps!!) who came out to show your love for the show and to me (Jersey's own!!). I met some really nice people this week and wish you all the best. If there are cities you can get, come on out and see us again. Take care and look for me on facebook real soon!!! Peace and Love.

Gwennie (^_^)


Marla said...

Thanks for the blogpost Gwen!!!! See you in Ra-Cha-Cha!!!!

Peace and love <3

Cortney said...

Thanks Gwen! Glad u all had a good time in New Jersey! :)

Joshua P said...

Yay, can't wait to see it tonight. Do you still have my Jersey Strong sticker? lol

Hail=] said...

Just got back from the 2:00 performance. It was amazing=DDD

samantha said...

saw you guys yesterday!! blew me away :) we'll miss you guys in jersey, have fun in detroit!

Mike and Sha said...

Hey Gwen!!

Mike, Sharon, Madison, Dorothy and all of us can't wait till you get to Dallas. Your in our hearts!!!


Sheryle Samson said...

Hi Gwen,
We won the lottery for the last evening performance lastnight.Thank you to you and the Rent on tour for making my birthday week awesome. It was great seeing you at stage door. Take care and have a safe trip to the next city and the rest of the tour.


Dee said...

YAY Gwen on facebook!!!! Can't wait!