Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hey everyone!

Thanks for keeping up with our blog. We had a great week in Philly and I, being a native, am sad to see its end. Many cheesesteaks were eaten and we've survived. We're much stronger for it. :)

Thanks to the thousands of audience members who saw the show in this fantastic city. We had amazingly receptive crowds! It was also an honor to be playing one of the oldest opera houses in the country.

I hope you enjoy the vlog. We certainly had a fun time making it!

Next up: Newark. Many of us are able to sleep at our own apartments in NY during our Newark stay. It'll be nice to be home for a bit.

Thanks to all!

Also, check out Andy's fantastic food blog with many tour updates: www.lavbm.blogspot.com


Kyra said...

Yay Cherry Hill! I live in Haddonfield, which is adjacent to it...

Kaye said...

"This video is not available in your country or domain."

oh shoot. won't get to watch =( ohwell. hope the tour's going great,=)

Hannah said...

You all did so amazing in Philly! I was at the show on Saturday at 2, and am SO glad I went.

Keep up the good work, everyone. We love you! :]


P.S. I'll be sure to hit up "The Boyz" next time I want some massive cheesesteaks; haha.

Amy said...

Fantastic show in Philly! Thanks for the behind the scenes look and those cheese steaks looked fantastic!

kls89 said...

I just love these videos. They are so much fun. As always, thanks for sharing the behind the scenes with all the fans. Can't wait for the next one.

Julia said...

I got to see you guys on Saturday at 2! Amazing! It was my first time seeing RENT on stage, and it was THE best time I'd ever had!! BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT!! :) You all were amazing, thank you SO much for all your hard work. PLEASE come back to Philly!!!