Monday, January 26, 2009


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Kaye said...

spatula. brilliant improv!=)

heytheremeranda said...

Awww. Haha. It seems you guys just cant get away from all of the snow. Its funny to see the stage door from the view you guys have. There was tons of people at the stage door there, there wasnt that many at the stagedoor when I saw it in Cleveland. Haha.

I love these vlog/blog things. You all are pretty much amazing.


Laura said...

Can I just say thank you so very much for these videos!!! I get so excited everytime I see a new one, and that crowd was crazy! I was in the back of the crowd when I saw it in Cleveland and was still able to pass my poster up to be signed, and yell thank you to Anthony when he pointed to it. And as for the spatula, good thinking! I love all of you, and am really hoping to see you guys again in Pittsburgh!!! :-)

Marla said...

haha I love the spatula idea, very cool. Anyways you all are amazing and hope the snow leaves soon :)

peace and love <3

Cortney said...

I'm late, but we rarely see snow in NC and you happen to come in when we got a snow storm! I'll have to remember the spatula idea. LOL But did you see the difference between up north and here, the snow melts in a matter of days and its back to 50 a few days later...hahaha