Thursday, January 22, 2009


Howdie ya'll it's Lexi Lawson coming to you from Durham, North Carolina (as I say with a very southern accent). We had such an amazing time in Buffalo but were eager to get away from the snow! Well apparently the snow followed us here because it snowed for the first time in four years the moment we got off the plane. They actually declared a state of emergency!!!!

Did everyone watch Inauguration Day? I hope so! I watched it with Telly, Andy and Adam H. -- it was such a powerful and historical moment. It was so moving -- I couldn't help but to shed a few tears. Though this crazy world is going through some hard depressive times, hope was instilled in each and everyone of us during his speech -- 1/20/09 was heaven sent and will never be forgotten!

Ok I must go now because my puppy isn't happy that I'm not giving her any attention. I had fun doing the whole blog thang!!!! I can't wait to see you guys at the show! Remember to live in the moment, there's no day but today, and LOVE is the only thing that exists, everything else is just an illusion.....


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Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm so happy that you guys are here in Durham!! I get to see you on saturday at two and i can barely contain my excitement!!! Do you know if there's any way to meet you and the other cast members while you're here?? Any meet and greet's? Or is the best way to hang out at the stage door after the show? On Sunday I go back to my home country of Sweden so meeting all of you would be an amazing way to end my trip over here! I love you guys, you are all amazing, and I hope you are having a great time on tour!! <3 Maria

Melissa said...

Great post Lexi!
The show has been amazing- what a beautiful cast, and timeless message (I have been following the show since the workshop days!)
I have enjoyed having a presence in the lobby (for the past 2 shows,and for the rest of the upcoming shows) with my organization- The Alliance of AIDS hopefully people will leave the show inspired, and ready to go out and make a difference in their community! My gratitude towards the works of Jonathan, and the countless number of people and hours it takes to continue spreading the message of hope and love is unmeasurable! Anyone coming to the show- definitely stop by and say hi!

Act Up- Fight AIDS!

ElphabaLives said...

Lexi, you're awesome! Thanks for keeping us posted on the tour. :) Can't wait until you're in Charlotte next week!!!

kls89 said...

I know this is only the third blog so far, but I'm enjoying keeping up with the tour happenings. Thanks to you Lexi and to Anthony for your efforts and to those in the future who will continue to keep us fans in the loop.

Yeah, the snow is here in good old Cleveland too. Just be glad you got out of here when you did, because the temperatures bottomed out with lows of like -13 with windchills of 20 below.

I'm still hoping to catch another performance in Pittsburgh. I'm enjoying all the videos on the RENT YouTube channel while I wait. Until next blog...
<3 Kristin

samarama said...

we had an assembly on inauguration day to watch it :) it was great to see history being made.

thanks for keeping us updated. tell your puppy hello!

Laura said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on the tour! I saw the show on the 10th in Cleveland, and you guys are all so amazing! When my dad went to get ice that night, after the show, he came back and said he'd been in the elevator with you. My parents also rode up the elevator with Adam after my friends and I had already gone up to our room... I guess we should have just stuck with him... lol Anyways I loved your Mimi! I was a little nervous going into the show just because I've seen videos of Mimis that I love and those that I'm not quite so found of, but I thought you were fantastic! Me and a few friends are trying to plan it so we can go to Pittsburgh over spring break and see the show again! Continue enjoying your time on tour! Hopefully I'll see you again in a few months! <3 Laura

Marla said...

Awesome blog Lexi!!! Yeah obama's speech was very moved, I have a lot of hope now that things will be better :)

The show in Buffalo was incredible, the best performance I've seen :)

Peace and love <3

Ashley said...

I really wish I had the opportunity to see the show again while its in Durham this weekend. My 21st birthday is on Sunday..and I thought seeing the show for the 2nd time on this tour would be the perfect birthday present. I know I should be hitting up the bars or something since its my big day. I know I'll be drinking some alcohol on my bday but just not going to any bars..
But really the perfect 21st birthday night for me would be me having the chance to see the show again with y'all in it<3

I'll mention it again. But I saw the show in Cleveland on opening night..and totally was loving the whole show. That night will always remain one of the best nights of my life<3!!

I really wish I had the money to have gotten tickets again..but I'm a poor college student who was really only able to pay for tickets for that one show:( And I have no clue who I would go with to see the show this time anyway..

Have a great rest of the tour and thanks for keeping us updated!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lexi!! I saw you guys twice at Shea's in Buffalo, and you were all incredible! I had front row center seats both times that I waited 7 hours for :)) so the show was incredible! I wanted to tell you how awesome YOU in particular were! Your voice is so amazing, and to tell the truth, I prefer you over Rosario or Daphne :D
Anyway, I hope you're having fun, and I'm so sorry to hear that the cold and snow here in Buffalo (that made Gwen and Adam sick!!) followed you to North Carolina :))
Have a great time touring, and keep the blogs coming! :)
P.S. I met you at stage door twice, and my mom told me to tell you (I hope you read this :D) how much she loved you and that you were so sweet both times we met you!
P.P.S. lol and also, I got your bag of 'drugs' that you threw to the front of the stage one of the nights!

Aging Mom said...

Love the blog! I have the distinction of having been the oldest person in the rush line and pit seats for two nights this week. Thank you for the energy you all bring every night! It's an amazing opportunity to see a cast like this outside of NYC.

Lincoln said...

I am a member of the press, and reviewed this show the opening night. Here is a link to it: , I thought the show was amazing (as you can tell if you read the article. I have to say thanks for the special Obama shout out especially on such a wonderful day! Whoever had this idea is my hero.

Stephanie said...

I was at the show in Durham on Thursday night and even though I've seen it before you guys put a special magic into the performance. Every time I see it I am awed by the passion, the energy, the love that is exuded from the stage! The fact that you all came out to sign autographs afterwards was the icing on the cake that was the best birthday present EVER!!! Thank you and God bless you all for all you do!

Lenore said...

omg!! I was soooo happy to see you all here in Durham!! It was like a magical experience for me. It was amazing that for a while I forgot about everything outside of that Theater, and I only saw the beautiful cast on stage.

I cannot describe the emotions inside of me. I just saw it today!!!

And I'm a huge Obama supporter and yes, it was soooo powerful and memorable. Along with Obama becoming president, It actually snowed here! I just recently moved to NC but apperently, this is the most snow that they had for years!!!

I bought a RENT neckalace that says "No day but today". After seeing RENT, I'm gonna live each day like I'm dying tomorrow.

You, and the rest of the cast, are truly amazing. Thank You


NCK said...

You are an outstanding Mimi... I only wish I had a chance to see the show again before you leave Durham!

Keaton said...

I saw the show today at 2 and absolutely loved it. Lexi, your Mimi was incredible and I'll never forgot this day as long as I live. Good luck on the rest of the tour!

* Keaton *

mermaid2884 said...

my friend and I saw you all in durham on sunday and it was awesome!!! I have to say, you are my favorite mimi. for the first time I felt butterflies watching you and adam work together -- I never got that part of the show before!!! how ROMANTIC. keep it up, we are planning to go be rentheads in charlotte this weekend, haha!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Bogart198 said...

I am in love with Rent. All day long I sing the songs. I saw you in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and i thought that everyone was AMAZING.