Friday, March 20, 2009


Visit Telly Leung's official website.


Christine said...

Well that sucks! But I wish you luck in LA!

Psychopathic Sanity said...

No way! Congrats on getting the part in limelight!

Out of curiosity, is the show going to be musical based? I know they also pulled Kyle (Melchior) from Spring Awakening for the same show, so yeah... XD

Anyways, congrats on getting the part and can't wait for your return as well as the return of the video blogs, XD

Shattered said...

Now I know I need to bring extra money with me to next week's show!

Congrats, Telly, and we'll miss you in Minneapolis.

Marla said...

Thanks for the awesome video blog telly!!!! You are amazing. Good luck with your pilot in LA!!!

I'm gonna miss the blogs, they always put a smile on my face!!! lol

But have fun in LA and maybe I'll see you in Rochester???

PS: in Rochester if they auction off backstage passes, I will be auctioning my entire debit master card :)

Lauren said...

:'( We'll miss the vlogs, Telly! But congrats on the show, I bet you're excited.

Cortney said...

Congrats on raising $6000 for the charity first off! :) That is just awesome!

Good luck to you Telly on the new show.

Alex said...

I saw you all in San Diego and it was truly awesome, far better than I could even have imagined. Rent really means a lot to me and seeing the performance you put on... well it's not something I'm going to easily forget.

Good luck with the pilot, Telly. Congrats on getting to be in it!

Mark A. said... you guys sell the autographed Playbills at the show or what? I'd really like to get one...I'll be in Minneapolis Thursday!

sarah! said...

I was at that show on the 15th and I'm pretty sure I had the same reaction to Pascal's high note. Haha!

Thanks again for your vlogs, good luck with the pilot, and all the best to you, to Shaun, and to the rest of the RENT touring production!

mermaid2884 said...

is that adam practicing (singing to himself?) in the background all the time? or is it just music you added to the video? haha

alanman said...

Well done, dunno what i'm gonna do without your blogs! Good Luck in LA!